On-line search system (E-log) is intended for faster and easy-to-use QSO's confirmations with expeditions from castles and fortresses by World Castles Award (WCA) program.

WCA E-Log allows to check up data about made QSOs which have been recieved from radiohams-activators for WCA expeditions and confirm QSOs interesting for you.

All confirmed QSOs in WCA E-Log are valid for all diplomas by World Castles Award (WCA) program without confirmations by QSL-cards.

For data recording about QSOs made during WCA expeditions from castles and fortresses, we ask you to send your LOGs in ADIF- format by e-mail to: wcalog@qth.cz


- the database works faster,
- info about continents was added (test mode only)
- now you can use several calls for 1 award -
if you have more calls you can apply for award for your main call:
eg. the WCA award for OK5NN = QSOs of OK5NN + OK2SJI + OK5A
(send you request for add calls to Jirka - OK5NN)


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Total QSOs: 15.05.2016

QSOs: 2 838 347

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